ESA BASS Network meeting in Coimbra – the city of curiosity

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7.10.2019: Every fall ESA Business Applications, ESA Space Solutions, ESA BICs, Technology Brokers and Business Ambassadors from all over Europe meet to network and learn from each other’s cases.


The ESA BASS network on the stairs of the University of Coimbra. Photo: Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk

This year ESA BIC Portugal invited us in its beautiful hometown Coimbra. This place hosts one of the oldest universities in Europe. Learning something new truly is part of daily life here – student culture is ingrained in local lifestyle.

In three days, we met with our peers in inspirational places such as a science museum, university libraries and ancient monasteries. So what better place to talk space business, than a city that celebrates curiosity and welcomes wisdom like Coimbra does? No wonder this Portuguese treasure is in the race to be cultural capital of Europe in 2027.

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