Inspirational Women in the ESA Space Solutions Network

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International Women’s Day has been celebrated all over the world this month and we did not want to miss the chance to shine a light on the incredible women who are thriving in the space entrepreneurship arena. Here are some of the female founders of businesses incubated at the ESA Business Northern Germany, to give you a flavour of the many women-led start-ups founded as part of the ESA Space Solutions Network. Prepare to be inspired!

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Louise Lindblad is the co-founder and COO of Valispace. The team is developing a browser-based collaboration platform for engineers who are building complex hardware.



Hannah Brocke is the co-founder and COO of Planblue. The team is building a global seafloor database for both conservation and commercial applications (COVID disclaimer: This group photo has been taken before COVID19 spread).


Astronautin GmbH is composed entirely of female entrepreneurs: Claudia Kessler, Emma Tepe and Inka Helmke (from left to right).

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