Official Brazilian Aerospace Trade Mission to Bremen on 29. & 30. June 2021

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Bremen Delegation

Bremen Delegation and Company Profiles

Bremen is one of the leading industrial locations in Germany and its expertise in cutting-edge technologies in space industries and aeronautics is well known throughout the world.
Bremen as the German “City of Space” is home to some of the world’s top space companies such as Airbus, ArianeGroup and OHB as well as outstanding research institutes like DLR, ZARM, DFKI and many more.

Bremen has declared the space industries and aeronautics sector as one of its four innovation clusters. To promote the development as a centre for the entire aerospace industry, Bremen is now developing the space industries and aeronautics network further in collaboration with aeronautics and space-relevant regions, such as São José dos Campos in Brazil. Close relationships between business and science can lead to important and innovative results.

During the virtual Brazilian Aerospace Trade Mission to Bremen on 29. & 30. June 2021, you will meet a large number of official or public organisations, a number of aeronautics and space-tech companies, research institutions and cluster organizations based in the Bremen and Bremerhaven region.

The goal is to promote the space industries and aeronautics cluster of Bremen and pave the way for possible partnerships and initiate new business opportunities.


Commercial Aircraft

With approximately 4,500 employees, Bremen is the second-largest Airbus plant in Germany, manufacturing the high-lift systems of all Airbus programs. The entire process chain, from the design to manufacture and integration through to testing, is established here. This includes the project office, technology and systems engineering, flight physics, structural development and assembly, verification tests, wing equipping and delivery.

Airbus Defence and Space

For the A400M transport aircraft, Bremen develops and manufactures the integrated fuselage section including the cargo loading system. In the field of materials and process development, new technologies are being researched and developed through to series production in Bremen. In short: Airbus relies on the aeronautics expertise of Bremen, which can be traced back to 1910.
Space expertise from Bremen is orbiting all around the globe. The science laboratory Columbus and the cargo spacecraft ATV, which were Europe’s contribution to the International Space Station ISS, were both built by Airbus. The service module of the new NASA spacecraft Orion is also integrated at the Airbus site in Bremen.


The site in Bremen has specialised in the development of the Ariane launcher upper stage since the start of the program. It develops and manufactures the Ariane 5 upper composite, comprising the upper stage and the equipment bay, the launcher’s ‘brain’. The site is also responsible for the design, development and manufacture of the Ariane 6 upper stage, the ULPM (upper liquid propulsion module). It also produces tanks for Satellites and orbital propulsion systems.


AVIASPACEAVIASPACE BREMEN e.V. is an association of dedicated companies and application-oriented research institutes in the Federal State of The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and the surrounding areas. The network implements the aeronautics and space industries sector strategy of the Federal State of Bremen.

Our key areas are network formation, technology transfer, and economic growth through fostering young entrepreneurs and startups through the ESA Business Incubation Centre Northern Germany. This includes both technical and organizational networking among final producers, suppliers and/or service providers and scientific institutions in the fields of materials science, high-lift systems, production technology, robotics and earth observation.

Bremen Invest

Bremen Invest is the lead economic development agency for the Federal State of Bremen, Germany. These services for international companies are specifically intended to help overcome language and procedural challenges. Bremen Invest provides uncomplicated expert advice, assists with property search and facilitates innovation projects. Bremen Invest acts as a network facilitator and supports you with official approval procedures.

DFKI – German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence

In the field of innovative commercial software technology using Artificial Intelligence, DFKI is the leading research centre in Germany.

Based on application oriented basic research, DFKI develops product functions, prototypes and patentable solutions in the field of information and communication technology.

DLR-RY – DLR Institute of Space Systems

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to its own research, as Germany’s space agency, DLR has been given responsibility by the federal government for the planning and implementation of the German space programme. The Institute of Space Systems in Bremen designs and analyses future spacecraft and space missions (launchers, orbital and exploration systems, and satellites), and assesses them with regard to their technical performance and cost. It applies state-of-the-art methods of multi-disciplinary engineering in system design and analysis – for example, a computerised system for concurrent design.


With over 39 years of experience in high technology together with its integrated skills in the areas of space technology, telematics and aeronautics, OHB Group is ideally positioned as one of the leading independent forces in the Europe. OHB ‎SE currently has approx. 2.900 employees.‎

The Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe

The Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe is responsible for all matters pertaining to economic, labour, EU and international business policy of the German Federal State of Bremen. The Ministry offers public sector support for international activities of companies from Bremen and international companies with interest in Bremen.
Among the key industries of Bremen and Bremerhaven are aeronautics & space, automotive, food & beverages, logistics, maritime economy and renewable energy. Artificial Intelligence, digitization and hydrogen just a few current topics, important to our companies and research institutes alike.

ZARM – Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity

ZARM is an internationally recognized research center with multidisciplinary expertise in fluid mechanics, space technology and space science. The research at ZARM covers experimental, theoretical and computational approaches to fundamental scientific questions, as well as the development of technology for space missions and microgravity experiments (for example on the International Space Station).

The main facility of ZARM is the Bremen Drop Tower. It offers the opportunity for short-term experiments under high-quality microgravity conditions and is the only laboratory of this kind in Europe.

ZARM employs more than 100 scientists, engineers and administrative staff and hosts many students from the faculty of Production Engineering, as well as from the Physical Sciences and Information Technology departments.