The Galileo Prize Bremen 2020 goes to flucto

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Andreas Haselsteiner and Aljoscha Sander won the Bremen Galileo Prize for their startup “flucto.” Their technology for tracking individual components of wind turbines focusses on the installation, maintenance and decommissioning of wind farms.

The company flucto has set itself the goal of improving regenerative energy production with the help of sensors, gadgets, and software. With strong links to BIBA and the University of Bremen, both founders were already working on research projects dealing with the installation of offshore wind turbines. They recognised one of the key challenges of the industry: when to install large components that move a lot due to wind and waves and when to wait for a better weather window.

The Bremen winners of the Galileo Masters: Andreas Haselsteiner and Aljoscha Sander from flucto. Congratulations!

To overcome this challenge, they developed an installation monitoring system that tracks wind turbine components in real time. The monitoring system provides this information to offshore personnel to aid them in their decision making. Instead of being guided only by weather data, installers can use the system to set movement limits for the components. The installation monitoring system is to be launched in 2021.

We congratulate Andreas Haselsteiner and Aljoscha Sander on the award and wish them every success for the future of their company!

More info on the startup at

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