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GAIA-X: The dawn of new digital horizons in aeronautics and space 

January 4th, 2021: GAIA-X is a European initiative supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Federal Artificial Intelligence (KI) strategy. This initiative aims to build a European cloud alliance. Economic competitiveness, European sovereignty, innovations, and the availability of data by and for citizens, companies, science and research are all supported through the help of this secure infrastructure.

For Senator Kristina Vogt, the GAIA-X project presents great potential for the state of Bremen: “Through a secure exchange of information and data via this innovative, digital ecosystem, new collaboration opportunities and business fields can arise. This puts a positive spin on a European project which is based on strong collaboration.”

With the cooperation of the Institute for Space Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR RY), Bremen aeronautics and space players have declared that the GAIA-X use case, Digital Aeronautics and Space Collaboration Labs (DASCLab), falls under the “Public Sector” domain. The industry association AVIASPACE BREMEN e.V., logicline GmbH, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs Labour and Europe (Wirtschaftsressort) are also part of the project. In the context of GAIA-X, the terms ‘use case’ and ‘domain’ are used as synonyms, specifically for exemplary implantation (use case) and for industry or sector, as well as designating users, that can be assigned to a specific field (domain).

With DASCLab, the partners hope to network with other “use cases” in the future. “With GAIA-X, we want to create a secure and networked data infrastructure that promotes the highest demands on digital sovereignty and innovation,” emphasizes Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rittweger, director of the DLR Institute for Space Systems Bremen (DLR RY).

Registering this GAIA-X sample application ensures collaboration opportunities for small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs), startups and research institutions on a regional, national and international level. In the future, the various aeronautics and space players in Bremen should have a European cloud at their disposal, which can be expanded according to the diverse requirements. This would enable efficient, joint processing of aeronautics and space projects and thus would secure the growth of this industry in its digital transformation.

GAIA-X is a prestige project by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWi) and Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Federal Artificial Intelligence strategy. “With BREMEN.KI, the Bremen Artificial Intelligence Strategy, and the startup project ‘Establishing a Bremen AI Transfer Centre’, Bremen is currently establishing itself as an important AI location,” says Senator Kristina Vogt. The new KI transfer centre (KI-Transfer-Zentrum) will significantly support the planned KI activities of the GAIA-X use case for the aeronautics and space sector. From 2022, the KI-Transfer-Zentrum Bremen and AVIASPACE BREMEN e.V. will also be working together under one roof in the Digital Hub Industry in the direct vicinity of the Bremen technology park.

The next steps are the implementation of initial ideas and the construction of a physical digital laboratory for testing and demonstration purposes. For further information on the planned GAIA-X use case, DASCLab, check: und

Press office of the Bremen Senate.

Digital Aeronautics and Space Collaboration Labs (DASCLab)

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