Startup Weekend Bremen HEALTH – online Edition

19. 03. 2021 - 21. 09. 2021

From 19-21 March, Bremen Startups will host Startup Weekend Bremen HEALTH, an online event where participants will spend the next 54 hours connecting with likeminded individuals, developing and testing their prototypes and pitching their concepts to a jury for feedback.

With approximately 155,000 people working in the healthcare sector in Bremen and its surrounding area, there is huge potential for growth and innovation. This online event provides the perfect playground for all the promising “healthpreneurs” out there who are ready to test their skills and shape their ideas. As a gold sponsor, ESA BIC Northern Germany is on the look out for young startups that can use space applications or space technologies to enhance their products.

“Space is not only rocket science – space can help support the development of health innovation. We are looking for ideas that combine space and health and my role would be to help identify that connection,” says Carolina Gomez, support manager for ESA BIC Northern Germany and one of the startup mentors for the event.


Satellite communication, satellite navigation and Earth observation data are currently used in health applications, but there are many other space connected applications in the health sector that many are not aware of.

An example of this is in the food we eat. We all know that our diet plays a big role in our overall health. Therefore, the food consumed by astronauts becomes a relevant issue when considering the many restrictions and requirements of human spaceflight. Some of the many challenges astronauts face include limited space, food preservation, nutritional value and meal preparation time.

Similarly, the effects of microgravity and radiation on the human body poses a great health risk to astronauts living and working in space. Having the correct medicine, particularly for longer human spaceflight missions, is crucial. For example, medical kits onboard the ISS can contain more than 100 different, frequently used pharmaceuticals. Due to the unique environment onboard, including zero gravity and low humidity, human spaceflight presents a great opportunity for drug development that cannot be replicated on Earth.

To name some more, space technologies and assets are also useful tools that can help provide vital information to the public healthcare sector for disease surveillance, and emergency management. One of the many downsides to faster, cheaper air travel is the increased speed in which an epidemic can spread to distant parts of the globe. To track and manage such spreads, effective observation supported by accurate, swift collection and processing of data is required. Space assets, including Earth observation and communication satellites, are key in strengthening preparedness and providing effective early-warning.


As space continues to play an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector, ESA BIC Northern Germany is eager to support young “healthpreneurs” make the most out of space applications and technologies and vice versa. Some of the advantages of joining the ESA BIC Northern Germany incubation programme include zero equity funding (50K), access to the space industry and user community, business support and co-working spaces.

If you believe this is you, don’t forget to submit your application to our incubation programme by our deadline on 23 August 2021, 12:00pm (CEST).

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