Within the space industries and aeronautics sectors more than 140 companies and 20 institutes, a workforce of about 12,000 employees, generate more than 4 billion euros per year. Considering the number of residents, Bremen has the highest employment density within these sectors in Germany.
Future-oriented workplaces, especially for highly qualified people, characterize the space industries and aeronautics sectors. Cutting-edge research in the State of Bremen sustainably supports the industries in the fields of materials sciences and production technologies, space systems, remote sensing, bionics, robotics among others. Major products from Bremen are the wings of the Airbus aircraft, the Ariane upper stages and the satellite navigation system GALILEO. Bremen and Bremerhaven sustainably support top research in the fields of materials science and manufacturing technologies, space systems engineering/research and technology applications, as well as remote sensing, bionics and robotics.
The key areas of AVIASPACE are network formation, technology transfer, and economic growth through fostering young entrepreneurs and start-ups in particular.