Technical startups and SMEs in Bremen

07. 09. 2023 17:00 - 20:30

DIGITAL HUB Industry Bremen

Systematic use and design of innovative resources

It’s no longer a secret that SMEs and start-ups can only benefit from each other. But did you also know that 62 % of start-up-SME cooperations in mechanical and industrial engineering are [usually] successful for both sides at the first attempt? And did you know that the degree of goal achievement is rated as completely or at least partially successful in 91 %?
Sounds exciting, and so it is! Because the share of cooperations between established SMEs and young start-ups is growing – slowly but steadily!* (Source: RKW Study – SMEs meet Start-ups – Potentials of Cooperation 2021).

But what is your experience in your company?
Do you already work with startups or are you looking to collaborate with them?
Do you think a startup could help accelerate innovation in your environment? How?

Our workshop “Tech Startups and SMEs in Bremen” gets sporty: we do an ecosystem fitness check for high-tech innovation made in Bremen. We will go on a fact-finding tour for cooperations and more. This is because the potential in Bremen is clearly underestimated and there are still many opportunities that need to be explored.

This requires a fresh, open exchange that is fun,professional input that inspires, exciting encounters, and a few determined people who dare to take new steps.

No sooner said than done! We invite you – search and discuss with us and get to know four exciting tech start-ups from Bremen and network with each other.No sooner said than done! We invite you – search for and discuss with us, and in the process get to know four exciting tech start-ups from Bremen and network with each other.

Maybe it’s the beginning of a valuable partnership.

Keynote speaker & start-ups in dialogue from industry and the Bremen tech start-up ecosystem:
• Key Note Speaker:
Dr. Christian Keun
Founder and Managing Director, CompriseTec GmbH Hamburg

• And these start-ups will be there:
1. Physens GmbH (magnetic field sensor technology – innovative measurement technology for mobility and industry).
2. 3D Space Machine -Shop (3D large-area printing process with high-performance material composites)
3. Endless Webservices GmbH (digital maintenance management and life-circle monitoring)
4. Marble Imaging GmbH i.G. (Satellite-based earth observation for sustainability and security).

• 5 pm admission
• 5.30pm start
• 5:45-8:00 p.m. Keynote speakers & companies in dialogue
• Get-together from 8 p.m

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Networking with dialog

Thursday, 07. September 2023, 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm

free of charge

Location of event:
Digital Hub Industry, Konrad-Zuse-Straße 6 A, 28359 Bremen

• The event is bilingual: German/English

Cooperation partner:
Verein Deutscher Ingenieuere e.V. Bremen (VDI)