Bremer Tech-Startups meet SME-Industry

07. 03. 2024 17:00 - 21:00


How we can protect the world from space…

State-of-the-art space technology enables us to utilise satellite images of the highest quality to improve sustainability:
This technology is increasingly being used to measure emissions, for land and water management and for regional and global nature conservation. Emergency management, analysis of area data for energy-optimised use, safety-related monitoring of important infrastructure facilities such as supply lines, gas or liquid containers and port facilities are also increasingly using these instruments to further digitalise and optimise their services.

These are all topics and tasks that are highly relevant and require action.

But how exactly can this be done? What data is available today and tomorrow for whom? What kind of what innovations are there ready to get used? What are the limits and advantages to identify for users? Where are there still limits or adjustments required? Where can different technologies be harmonised in the best possible way? What should a user-friendly data service look like for the respective area of application?

On this evening, experts from companies, public organisations and associations will discuss these questions and learn about innovative solutions for Europe from start-ups and experts in Bremen.

The event is planned to be bilingual English-German.

17:00 h: Arrival
17:30 h: Welcome
17:45 h: Keynote speech: Overview of the current EO downstream segment
• Dr rer. nat. Sabrina Melchionna, Bremen,
18:05 h: Exchange and discussion
• Which data services and forms of cooperation are needed?
• EO data in digital analysis and control processes to improve sustainability and emergency management?
18:35 h: EO data availability and capacities of European providers
• Robert Hook- CEO& Co Founder Marble Imaging GmbH, Bremen
18:55 h: EO data for sustainable solutions and new business models for agriculture
• Alessandro Esperti, CEO& Co Founder SharpSat UG; Bremen,
19:15 h: Automation platform for carbon projects and nature monitoring
• Nura Linggih, CEO & Co-Founder, PLENO GmbH, Bremen
19:40 h: Outlook and get-together with snacks and drinks
20:30 h: END

Network meeting with impulses

Thursday, 07. March 2024, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

free of charge

Location of event:
Digital Hub Industry, Konrad-Zuse-Straße 6A, 28359 Bremen, 2. OG, „Maschinenraum“

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