Space Meetings Veneto

15. 05. 2023 - 17. 05. 2023

The Veneto Region will be hosting the 1st edition of Space Meetings Veneto from May 15-17, 2023, in Venice, Italy, with the coordination of BCI Aerospace.

Space Meetings Veneto is a global business event that will bring together manufacturers, OEMs & subcontractors from across the space sector. The event is an opportunity for companies to showcase their unique capabilities, share insights and ideas, and create new networks through targeted business meetings and a high-level conference.

This three-day event will tackle key topics such as:

– Investment & Financing

– Space Supply Chain

– Big Data and Innovative Applications for Precision Farming and Climate Monitoring

Attendee profiles:

Industry sectors: Space – Aeronautics – Innovative technologies – Advanced manufacturing – 3D printing / additive manufacturing – Cybersecurity – Artificial intelligence – Robotics & automation – …

Types of organization: Industry leaders – Institutions – Space agencies – R&D centers – Hedge funds – Venture Capital – Academia

Why attend?

Get in front of a targeted audience of decision-makers by signing up to our exclusive service of pre-programmed one-to-one meetings.

1/ Register online here and fill out the form describing your company, products, capabilities and services you offer.

2/ Three weeks before the event, you will have access to the participants listing and will be able to select your meetings.

3/ Three days before the event, you will receive your personalized meeting schedule based on your choices and the other companies’ requests.

4/ Your meetings will be held at your booth (or the other company’s booth) on May 16 & 17.