2022 Connecting Space Regions: Searching for the key to green lightweight structures

17. 03. 2022 15:00 - 16:30

2022 Connecting Space Regions

Searching for the key to green lightweight structures

March 17th, 2022, (03:00 PM to 04:30 PM CEST)


Dear members and network partners,

in the Aeronautics and Space industry, more weight means higher costs. Therefore, for decades innovations and new products are constructed using lightweight materials. With the goal of zero emission aviation and greener space flight on the horizon, using lightweight materials has become more important than ever before. Also, the aspect of reusability and green construction is being considered more and more in the production process.


We cordially invite you to the next digital Connecting Space Regions Session.


Searching for the key to green lightweight structures

Keynotes/ Presentations:

  • The World of green lightweight materials

Speaker: Markus Quadt, ArianeGroup

Overview of relevant lightweight materials and outlook to future developments in the field of greener materials

  • Build-up and construction of lightweight materials

Speaker: Tommaso Ghidini (tbc), ESA ESTEC
Overview of relevant types of lightweight constructions and outlook to future developments

  • Learning from nature: Biomaterials and Biostructures

Speaker: Roeland de Breuker, Technical University of Delft,
Topic: “Intelligent bio-inspired wings paving the way towards green aviation”

Technological innovations in green lightweight material based on nature

  • Recycling/Reuse

Speaker: Guido Schwartz, Airbus

Reusability of materials and structures in (Aero)space


The event will be moderated by Ludger Fröbel (AviaSpace Bremen).

Company pitches from the materials domain will provide you with an overview of the companies’ activities and new developments in the sector. There are still some spots available for your company pitches.

If you are a company producing green lightweight materials or plan to do so in the future please contact us for a pitch slot! Alternatively, if you are looking for partners in the geen lightweight damain – why not give us a short pitch of your company and your activities.

There are still spots available for company pitches!

Register under the following Link for the event and pre-schedule business meetings with representatives from space institutions and companies located in Zuid Holland, Bremen and across Europe.

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Why participate?

  • As product/process/service developer – find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions and find new customers and partners
  • As investor – find qualified European and International technology developers during effective one-to one meetings
  • Matchmaking for all – Participants are invited to request matchmaking meetings by reviewing participant profiles. Meetings can be scheduled according to your personal availability on the 17.03.2022.


About Connecting Space Regions Event Series:

The event series “Connecting Space Regions” aims to foster international cooperation in the area of aeronautics and space and is comprised of official keynotes, presentations and/or panel discussions. A unique longterm B2B matchmaking tool by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) enables participants to expand and foster their business contacts well into the year 2022. Target audience are representatives from aeronautics and space institutions and companies (research, business & startups).