Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo

20. 10. 2021 - 21. 10. 2021

Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo is Europe’s must-attend techno-economic hydrogen conference focusing on the development of low-carbon hydrogen production, storage, and infrastructure development. A total of 3 conference tracks will take place simultaneously with conference attendees and speakers having the option to move freely between the different sessions. All attendees will receive the conference proceedings and a video recording of all presentations from all 3 conferences.

The concept of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source is nothing new. However, a number of technical and economic challenges need to be overcome before hydrogen can be fully realized as a major contributor to reducing global carbon emissions. Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo Europe is a solutions-driven forum that will discuss the development of new technologies to overcome these technical challenges and propel hydrogen into the mainstream for stationary and mobile applications.