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Launch your career in Bremen!

Launch your career in Bremen!   As an economic hub with over 600.000 inhabitants, the state of Bremen is a powerful, dynamic motor for Northwest Germany. With […]

Bremen-based company b.r.m. develops Hatten-Oldenburg airfield for drone

A Cessna takes off on the runway at Oldenburg-Hatten Airport (EDWH). In the café, with a view over the runway, Harald Rossol, CEO of b.r.m Technologie- […]

Ariane 5: Unrivaled Performance and Reliability

High 5! Let’s take a closer look at Ariane 5’s exceptional track record Ariane 5 was officially inaugurated in 1987, when the European Space Agency (ESA) […]

Space Entrepreneurs Virtually Join Space Academy Rome 2020

The Space Academy Rome was held 9th – 10th December 2020, the third such event following successful Space Academies in Helsinki and Bremen in 2019. It […]

Blackout Technologies are developing robots with artificial intelligence

March 21, 2019: Blackout Technologies are developing robot software that uses artificial intelligence. The company is the first in Europe to market truly intelligent personalities for […]

How much AI do SMEs really need?

March 12, 2019: How much artificial intelligence (AI) do SMEs actually need? Should companies be getting into AI right now? We’ve asked someone who knows: Bastian […]

Flyline – two decades of success in Bremen

February 5, 2019: Bremen-based Flyline can look back on two decades of success and expansion. The wholly owned subsidiary of British Airways (BA) started out as […]

Bremen’s artificial intelligence industry at a glance

January 15, 2019: Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in Bremen. Several hundred specialists in research and industry are working on this technology of the future. They […]

A robot drone for the wind energy sector

December 28, 2018: Bremen-based researchers are developing a drone that can autonomously inspect wind turbines. Its USP is its ability to get ‘hands on’. Benjamin Staar […]

3D printing connects Bremen and New York

December 14, 2018: It’s a long way from the Big Apple to Bremen – the Hanseatic city was quite a culture shock for Chirag Shah and […]

When precisely isn’t quite precise enough

December 11, 2018: When Peter Eickworth and André Kuhn, the two executive directors, stroll through the Eickworth Modellbau factory they are surrounded on all sides by […]

Space exploration takes flight in Bremen

November 20, 2018: Production of the upper stage of the new Ariane 6 launch vehicle will soon begin in a new production hall near Bremen Airport. […]

The space industry in Bremen: living and working in the Hanseatic city

Obtober 2, 2018: Nowhere in Germany is bigger in the aerospace industry than Bremen. We spoke to Bremen-based scientists working on the space side of aerospace […]

Bringing the universe to Bremen

September 27, 2018: Every year, the movers and shakers of the space industry gather at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). From 1 to 5 October, it […]

Canadian space companies discuss potential collaborations with German delegation

On April 12, 2018, representatives of the Canadian space industry and officials from the CSA met with a delegation from the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, […]

To boldly go, and safely return – behind the scenes at Ariane Group

What man and machines are achieving in space is truly impressive. At the launch sites and at home, millions of spectators watch rockets blasting off into […]

Airbus’ site manager Dr André Walter: “For us, digitalisation means making work easier and more efficient”

A total of 4,500 employees work at the Airbus premises next to Bremen airport. The vast site also houses the space division of Airbus Defence and […]